Outdoor LED Display – See it in Action!

UPDATED!! New fixtures added!

恩佐平台One of the fastest growing LED markets is in the Outdoor area.  We’ve discussed in earlier posts how the indoor LED products are starting to come around, but for the most part, numbers don’t add up.  Well in outdoor situations the numbers are a no-brainer!  The hardest part about understanding LED is actually seeing it live and in person.  We can tell you how a 20w LED fixture will replace a 100 watt High pressure Sodium fixture, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually see it person???  We thought so.  So we built a board of LED fixtures to do just that.

恩佐平台Listed from Top Left being #1, to bottom right being #12.  Here’s what we have:

1) .  This fixture is perfect for parking lot lighting and walkway lighting throughout a facility’s property.

2)  .  This fixture is perfect for lighting up a flag pole or any outdoor sign.

3) .  This general purpose wall pack has an excellent beam pattern and is able to replace up to 175w Metal Halide Wall Pack fixtures.

4) – Polaris wall pack designed for higher end architectural look.  Ultra efficient LED Fixture with a nice look to match.
5)  – Designed to replace up to a 250w HPS / Metal Halide Wall Pack
6) – Designed to Replace 250w to 320w Metal Halide Flood Lights.  Perfect for lighting up the side of building.
7) – 26w LED Wall Pack – Ideal above man doors on your building!
8) – 35w LED Wall/Area Light.  Perfect Dusk to Dawn Fixture Replacement
9) – 35w LED Wall Pack – For larger HID Replacement applications
10) – Designed to replace 50w-70w HID Wall pack, above man doors.
11)  – Designed to replace 70w-100w HID Wall Pack
恩佐平台 12) – Designed to replace 150w HID Wall Pack

One of great features of our display is the nLight Touchpad Control.  Thanks to our friends from , we are able to individually control each light on the board to easily compare like fixtures.  The wiring is all done over Cat5 cable, making it easy and cheap to install.  This switch will individually control 16 different channels.  And it looks cool to boot!

Here’s what the inner workings look like from the back. 

We’re excited to show our display to anyone who would like to see the latest and greatest in LED Fixtures on display.  Stop by if you’re in town.

恩佐平台Questions? Comments?

Brian Huff
Adventure Lighting
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    It’s awesome that this article talked about the outdoor led display. My brother wants to put up a computer shop right in front of their house. He’s torn between a signboard or an outdoor led sign for his establishment. I have already forwarded this article to his email so he can check the list of outdoor led signs you have shared here. Thank you very much.

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